Mindful self-discovery through art journaling.

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

The Day by Day course went on presale this morning. It's all out there now, all that I've worked on so hard for the last few months.

With this course I’m giving you a roadmap to your consistent daily art journaling routine. A roadmap that is taking your busy life into account, that is built out of small segments that are manageable and easy to complete.

Day by Day is a result of my 8 years long journey through daily art journaling. It’s like my very intimate diary in which I’m sharing a good deal of what I have learnt over that time period. And all of it can be used by you to establish your daily art routine that’s not only beneficial for your style but also for your heart and soul. This is self-care at its best.

Within these 15 days you will finally get on good terms with your inner critic, you will learn how to allow yourself and then find time for a daily art in busy life (without guilt and without big sacrifices). You will start including mindfulness into your art practice. You will create the most wonderful space for making art no matter the size of your house. You are going to find out what to do when others criticize your art and practice. You will find all the elements that can build your own unique style + why and how you should let them transform.

  • The course is currently available at the Early Bird Price of $49

  • The Early Bird ends on the 10th of November and the price will go up to $75.

  • The course will be on sale only until the 13th of November, after that day the registration closes and no one else will be able to join.

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